School of Political Science
and Public Administration

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Master’s Degree in Political Science and Public Administration

The University is an international online accredited university offering Master’s Degree program in Political Science and Public Administration , with 15 different majors. The only accredited online university offering Master’s Degree program in several diversified fields.

Designed to help you achieve personal and professional advancement, our Master’s Degree in Political Science and Public Administration is comprehensive and taught by an expert faculty comprising professionals, scholars and industry experts. The course content is designed keeping in view the current market trends and the challenges of the contemporary Political Science and Public Administration .

Once you graduate from School of Political Science and Public Administration , you may rest assured that your degree will be respected and recognized by reputed employers around the globe. Currently, our graduates are associated with the top Fortune 500 companies, which is testament to our higher educational standards. Our online Master’s Degree program is the first choice of working adults across the globe for its ease & flexibility, affordability, quickness and quality of education.

About This Program

The well-designed curriculum at Orville strive to achieve academic excellence, allowing students to receive divulging knowledge through the comprehensive education programs. Aiming to produce outstanding professionals, equipped with fundamental knowledge and problem solving skills to advance their careers.

Degree Program

  • Eligibility
  • Bachelor’s degree or equiv. international education
  • Fields: 15
  • Majors: 2
  • Courses: 10
  • Credit Hours: 60
  • Duration: less than a year
  • Fee: $12,000

Courses Offered

You can choose following courses for your Master’s Degree . Each course offers unique learning experience for you. Each course is prepared by highly qualified faculty from around the globe. Course content is updated so to equip the students with most relevant knowledge in the field.

Course Name Credit Hours
Economics for Public Policy (PSAPA-115) 6 Credits
Government and Public Planning (PSAPA-181) 6 Credits
American Politics (PSAPA-300) 6 Credits
Ethics (AAS-370) 6 Credits
Politics and public administration (PSAPA-434) 6 Credits

Mentioned below are the exclusive and renowned majors University of Orville offers in its School of Social Sciences . Browse through the majors to view their details and specialize in the field you wish to enhance your career in.

Renowed Majors
Course Name Credit Hours
Advanced concepts in Policy and Politics (PUB-161) 6 Credits
Government planning and management (PUB-182) 6 Credits
Public Policy Management (PUB-289) 6 Credits
State and Local Government (PSC-413) 6 Credits
Public Administration (PUB-522) 6 Credits
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Exclusive Majors


Get Credits for Work Experience We aim to help your achieve your degree faster by taking in account your prior work experience and exempting subjects in which you already excel.
Transfer Credits from Any University At Orville, you can get your credits transferred seamlessly from any university and continue your education on your own terms.
Career Focused Curriculum Courses at Orville are designed to be relevant to the real world situations, allowing students to apply the learned knowledge in a professional setting.
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